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We are guided by the pursuit of the concept of excellence and high quality, innovation, integrity, care "values, breaks the traditional thinking, the introduction of blue-chip corporate business philosophy and management system; organization international team of professionals. Looking ahead, a long way to go. "Argumentative and good quality, striving for perfection customer service" is the company's quality policy crown Long; "united, progressive, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy of the members of the crown Long; "integrity, quality first, with the most good product return customers "is the purpose of the enterprise crown Long; footwear products for our customers to provide the best price crown Lung corporate mission; crown Long a world-class footwear manufacturers, continue to create value for our customers and make our employees living standards have been rising, this is the vision of the development of our business.

      Crown Long will adhere to the correct concept, exciting high spirit, to pursue the consistent pursuit of a crown Long more brilliant tomorrow!